Maykit Projects

Bringing the life and soul to organisations through the teams that make them.

We specialize in…

Delivering agile projects. Coaching individuals, teams, execs and organisations to grow high performing teams.


Our Services

What We Do

Scrum Mastery & Agile Coach

Servant leadership and organisational change agent for Agile businesses. It doesn’t matter where your base, from rainy London to Timbuktu I help organisation embark and continue their agile journey.

Articles & Talks

Help your organisation get increased visibility through fun, thought provoking and knowledge growing articles.

Looking for speakers? Specialising in team building, motivation and an Agile mindset. I’d love to join you!

Workshops & Training

Theory and practical focused workshop based training sessions, originally designed for virtual environments and now adapted for on site face to face fun!

Knowledge is Power

Our Values

Focus: Keeping the client at the heart of what we do, understanding their needs, and doing what’s right.

Drive: Empowering teams to make decisions and drive motivation bringing value to our clients sooner.

Learn: Mastery is a journey not a destination, we never stop learning about ourselves, our business and our clients.

Nurture: The world thought ‘The Wright brothers’ were mad. Without belief in our ideas we have nothing.

Listen: Taking the time to listen and not hear, to understand our clients and their vision.

Laugh: Because our jobs are serious enough, we believe in bringing smiles and energy into our business and to our clients.


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Maykit Limited

Registered office address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU

Company number: 10139062

Helen Garcia: Full Membership of Scrum Alliance and Association of Project Management