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Maykit Projects

Bringing the life and soul to organisations and through the teams that make them.

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Coaching organisations through an agile mindset to grow high performing teams.

Project Qualifications

Our Values

Mould Us

Focus: Keeping the client at the heart of what we do, understanding their needs, and doing what’s right.

Drive: Empowering teams through projects to make decisions and drive motivation to bring value to our customers.

Learn: Mastery is a journey not a destination, we never stop learning about ourselves, our business, our clients and our households.

Nurture Ideas: The world thought ‘The Wright brothers’ were mad. Without belief in our ideas we have nothing. Bad ideas aren’t wrong, they are just different.

Listen: We want to listen intrinsically to inspect and adapt, understand our clients and their business vision, and to take our listening ears home to our household after a long day.

Laugh: Because our jobs are serious enough, we believe in bringing smiles and energy into our business and to our clients.

Our Services

What We Do

Agile Workshops

We want to share our agile mindset with individuals, teams and organisations. What great is it to can secrets! We offer a range of products from overall agile mindsets to role or ritual based focus session. We can tailor make it for you and your organisation.

Project Support

We are certified Scrum Masters and Agile Project Manager, offering short or long term project support for your organisation as you grow and develop. We can coach your leadership, individuals or teams but also provide role specific support.

Salesforce Admin

We are 201 certified Salesforce admins! We can support your organisation in building amazing functionality to help day to day running of your business. Allowing your team to focus their intelligence on delivering better value to your customers.

Knowledge is Power


  • Loose laces, running faces
    Would you intentionally run before tying up your shoelaces? And if you chose to, what would happen? You fail, feeling frustrated. Why then do so many organisation try to run with agile before learning to tie their laces and take a walk first. As agiles coaches, scrum masters, product owners, development teams and leadership weContinue reading “Loose laces, running faces”
  • Publications and Knowledge Articles
    Loyal followers, we have been busy writing … but elsewhere! Want to check out more of our content? Just click here. Here are some of our latest: We will be back blogging on Maykit Projects, we just need to get some of our publications out with our clients. Hold tight, and read you soon!
  • Why Agile Fails
    Let’s face it, agile success stories are not in abundants. At Maykit, we often hear the sob stories, or worse “we are agile” rather… fragile. We’d like to highlight three common failure points and throw a safety rope out to aid your onward journey. Misconceptions – An easy way out. Limited process and no documentation,Continue reading “Why Agile Fails”

Our Chief

Helen Garcia

Founder – Project Practitioner – Triathlete

As a project practitioner with 10+ years of experience across a number of industries and sectors, reaching from rail, simulation, Salesforce, non-profits and pharmaceuticals, I have a deep understanding of project methodologies.  I am passionate about delivering change, striving to serve others by enabling recognition, inspection and adaptation as a team to drive organisational change. I strongly believe in guiding others and in doing so this motivates me to swim, cycle and run!

My vision is to enable households and businesses to adopt an agile mindset, not through purists approaches but through reflection of what we have learnt and how we can use this to continuously evolve into better versions of ourselves, our teams and our organisations. 


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Registered office address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU

Company number: 10139062

Helen Garcia: Full Membership of Scrum Alliance and Association of Project Management