Virtual Retrospective: Turning Weakness to Strengths (>1hr)

It’s easy to keep strengthening your strengths as a team but hard to accept weakness and even harder to turn them into strengths! So try out this retro to disciver your strengths and weakness as a team. By recognising our strengths we can use these to transform or weaknesses. Firstly make two agreements with yourContinue reading “Virtual Retrospective: Turning Weakness to Strengths (>1hr)”

Loose laces, running faces

Would you intentionally run before tying up your shoelaces? And if you chose to, what would happen? You fail, feeling frustrated. Why then do so many organisation try to run with agile before learning to tie their laces and take a walk first. As agiles coaches, scrum masters, product owners, development teams and leadership weContinue reading “Loose laces, running faces”

Publications and Knowledge Articles

Loyal followers, we have been busy writing … but elsewhere! Want to check out more of our content? Just click here. Here are some of our latest: We will be back blogging on Maykit Projects, we just need to get some of our publications out with our clients. Hold tight, and read you soon!

Why Agile Fails

Let’s face it, agile success stories are not in abundants. At Maykit, we often hear the sob stories, or worse “we are agile” rather… fragile. We’d like to highlight three common failure points and throw a safety rope out to aid your onward journey. Misconceptions – An easy way out. Limited process and no documentation,Continue reading “Why Agile Fails”

Agile Lip Service

If you’re reading this because “you want to be agile” then you may want to reassess your options. “Doing Scrum or even being Agile is not the goal but can be a useful proxy measure for effectiveness” – Geoff Watts The fundamental issue with with wanting to “BE or DO” Agile is often what leadsContinue reading “Agile Lip Service”