The Black Hole of Retros

Forgetfulness is normal. Especially for us aging folk, alongside the body and brain! Perhaps you walk into a room, look at the cat blankly and walk out? Go downstairs, put on your shoes and forget where you are heading? Start writing an article on the ‘Black Hole of Retros’, then talk about forgetfulness? Familiar? IContinue reading “The Black Hole of Retros”

Spice Up Your Retros

First let’s define a Retro (thanks Retrospectives seem to be the first thing dropped when going through an Agile cycle. Is this because they become boring? there’s a tough crowd? too new? too rushed? can’t be bothered? Who knows! But it’s ironic, as the agile mindset is all about adapt and inspect. This isContinue reading “Spice Up Your Retros”